Arepas – Colombia

Besides the people (and the coffee … and the chocolate), the Colombian arepas are the best part of a visit to this country. An everyday staple, the arepa is breakfast, lunch and dinner – and, though the outer shell is corn-based, like the Mexico taco or Italian bread, there are endless variations on the recipe. […]

Mayan Chocolate

The Mayan civilization is believed to have started the cultivation of cacao to make chocolate. The Ecomuseo del Cacao, in the Yucatan Peninsula tells the story of Mayan Cacao. The Museum, located on the Puuc Route near the town of Ticul in the Yucatan peninsula, is a true find for history and chocolate lovers. The […]

Jipi Hatmakers of Becal, Campeche

    Artisans in the town of Becal, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula weave these famous jipi hats. This is an art that has been practiced, in the case of some families, for generations. Many families in this small town have underground caves in their backyards which are used for weaving. This helps to keep the […]