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I have been saving my maps since my first international trip in 1975. When I see them now, they bring back memories of the routes I took and the adventures I had along the way. I sometimes made notes on my maps – of the roads I traveled, the towns I visited and the dates […]

I never want to leave the boutique Hotel St Francis in Santa Fe, NM. Its a feeling I have when I’m there – like I’m in the company of an old soul. I just want to sit back and listen.  A block from the Historic Plaza in Santa Fe, this hotel is listed on the […]

You have to admit that this island has character. Good character. Locals express themselves on local street signs … and in the street. Seems there’s always a note of humor, irony and, in some cases, an appeal to the higher conscience. In the case of the “Watch for Falling Goats” Sign – its about safety. […]

In a post-Hurricane Irma/Maria tribute to one of my favorite places in the world, the island of St John, USVI, I am posting some favorite photos I have taken over the years of the island and its community. One of the things I love about St John is the cool island jeeps. They are works […]

Things in Colombia that I can’t resist — in order of photos posted:     

Besides the people (and the coffee … and the chocolate), the Colombian arepas are the best part of a visit to this country. An everyday staple, the arepa is breakfast, lunch and dinner – and, though the outer shell is corn-based, like the Mexico taco or Italian bread, there are endless variations on the recipe. […]

We had the most amazing food on the Gulf of Mexico in Campeche. Look at this artistic presentation!    

The Mayan civilization is believed to have started the cultivation of cacao to make chocolate. The Ecomuseo del Cacao, in the Yucatan Peninsula tells the story of Mayan Cacao. The Museum, located on the Puuc Route near the town of Ticul in the Yucatan peninsula, is a true find for history and chocolate lovers. The […]

    Artisans in the town of Becal, in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula weave these famous jipi hats. This is an art that has been practiced, in the case of some families, for generations. Many families in this small town have underground caves in their backyards which are used for weaving. This helps to keep the […]

  Water + Go Pro camera + St John, USVI = An Unexpected Visual Adventure

The Marguay is a rare jungle cat. This one was being rehabbed at the former Paradise Gardens in Boquete Panama. The Gardens, which have since closed, was a big draw for animal lovers everywhere.

This baby anteater was also at the Paradise Gardens rehab center in Panama. I wonder where it is now?

If you ever have the opportunity to visit these endangered mountain gorillas in their native habitat in Rwanda, take it. The hike in can be somewhat challenging – the growth is so thick that guides use machetes to open the way. The terrain is hilly, as well, and it may take several hours to reach […]

In Rwanda, everything competes for space. At the base of the habitat for the mountain gorillas, farmers grown Chrysanthenums. Pyrethium, reportedly the most widely used botanical insecticide in the United States, is extracted from the Chrysanthenum flower.